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Maserati dominates the luxury car market

Here in the greater Atlanta area, there's never been a shortage of luxury car shopping options. In fact, if you drove from Sandy Springs to Roswell, you'd probably pass by dozens of luxury car dealers along the way. But contrary to popular belief, not all luxury cars are created equal. In fact, there are few greater examples of the divide between the so-called "luxury cars" for sale at dealerships around Atlanta and the Maserati cars that grace our showroom floor.

Maserati cars epitomize a perfect marriage of emotive and expressive design language with state-of-the-art performance, resulting in a vehicle that's equal parts work of art and feat of engineering. Ask some of the discerning guests we've served from Marietta to Buckhead over the years, and you'll undoubtedly hear from them how driving a Maserati car is unlike the experience you'll have with any other vehicle on the road.


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Of course, it may sounds a bit biased, but here at Maserati of Atlanta, we firmly believe that the "competition" barely merits being mentioned in the same breath as Maserati. But if you're seeking a bit of extra persuasion of confirm that there's simply no substitute for Maserati car in your life, allow us to show you how our new Maserati models outclass the offerings from other luxury car dealerships from Atlanta to Brookhaven and all points in between.

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Maserati vs. BMW

Over our many years of Maserati sales here in the greater Atlanta area, we've noticed that one of the most common competitors our prospective shoppers cite is the BMW brand. Of course, there's a long-standing rivalry between German and Italian luxury car brands, and few are quite as contentious as that of Maserati and BMW.

So, why should you choose a new Maserati over a BMW, you might ask? Well, for many of the satisfied guests at our Atlanta Maserati dealership, it's a matter of image. You see, BMW vehicles are certainly upscale cars, but they're practically ubiquitous here in the city. Take a ride around Roswell and Buckhead, and you're liable to see dozens upon dozens of BMW cars on the road. Now, that's not necessarily a problem, but let's be honest for a moment here; you're not interested in buying a luxury car just so you can end up with the same car as your neighbors and friends, are you?

Luxury cars are meant to feel exclusive and given that BMW has produced well over two million vehicles a year in recent history, you're just not going to enjoy that feeling with all the other cars like yours on the road. By comparison, Maserati produces less than 100,000 models a year because it takes the time to truly refine its craftsmanship, design, and bespoke elements in its vehicles, bestowing that aura of exclusivity that only Atlanta drivers with a truly keen eye for automotive excellence can appreciate.

Maserati vs. Mercedes-Benz

Now, while it's clear to anyone with a refined taste in cars that Maserati outclasses BMW on almost every available metric, the contest between Maserati and Mercedes-Benz is one that plays out on much more even footing. In fact, we'll even admit that we have a lot of respect for the Mercedes-Benz brand here at Maserati of Atlanta, given its versatile portfolio and powerful lineup of AMG models. However, when it comes right down to it, Maserati still comes out ahead of its German rivals, and the difference is largely down to details.

Take for example the new Maserati Ghibli and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Both fall under the purview of midsize luxury sedans, and both have been praised by critics for their exemplary interior design. However, when you slip inside the cabin of both these cars, you'll notice some distinct differences between the two in terms of overall quality. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class uses standard faux-leather upholstery as its primary interior material, which feels cheap and thin as opposed to the genuine leather upholstery that comes standard with the new Maserati Ghibli.

What's more, the Maserati Ghibli offers greater options for personalization with interior design schemes like its GranLusso and GranSport packages. GranSport gives its interior an aggressive, motorsport-inspired edge with carbon fiber door sills and shift paddles, while rich Zegna silk upholstery lends a feeling of supple serenity to the interior with the GranLusso package. Needless to say, there isn't any standard or available amenities that can imbue such luxury on models like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.


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Maserati vs. Lexus

German luxury car makers aren't the only ones with their eye on the Maserati brand's spot at the top of premium vehicle podium. In fact, there's ever-present pressure from Japanese luxury car makers like Lexus.

Now, Lexus falls prey to a lot of the same pitfalls as the BMW brand when compared to Maserati. After all, you'll see Lexus cars all over Atlanta and Brookhaven these days, so while seeing one of them out on the streets is mundane, catching a glimpse of a Maserati is a rare treat.

In fact, a glimpse is all you'll likely see of a Maserati because their performance is leagues ahead of Lexus in most cases. Take for example two of the most powerful models in the Maserati and Lexus portfolios: the Maserati Quattroporte GTS and Lexus LX 500h. Both are eminently powerful cars in their own right but put them head to head in a straight out sprint, and we can almost guarantee the only thing Lexus drivers will see is the Maserati driver's LED tail lights.

You see, the Maserati powertrain features twin-turbo V8 and V6 engines exclusively built in Maranello, Italy by Ferrari, meaning they're infused at their core with decades of motorsport-bred dominance. Unfortunately for the folks at Lexus, they can't say the same of their production portfolio.

Plus, it stands to be mentioned that while Maserati has compelling convertibles in its portfolio like the new Maserati GT Convertible, the Lexus is decidedly lacking in that regard, so if you love the thrill of open air driving here in the sunny Atlanta area, you know which of these two luxury brands has the clear edge.

Maserati vs. Audi

There's no shortage of challengers from German to the Maserati brand's luxury crown, but like all contenders before it, Audi falls decidedly short. You see, one of the most commonly noted selling points of the Audi brand is the inclusion of its popular quattro all-wheel drive system as part of its standard equipment on many of its models. And that's a compelling argument for owning an Audi…if you happen to live in a snow belt state and need all-wheel drive on a daily basis.

The fact of the matter is, here in the warm and sunny south, we don't see too much of the snow and ice on a daily basis, even during the winter months, so all the Audi quattro all-wheel drive system is doing is adding excess weight to make Audi cars feel more sluggish and less responsive on the road. And that's not necessarily a good thing when you consider than even comparable Audi luxury SUVs like the new Audi SQ5 can't hold a candle to the new Maserati Levante S when it comes to horsepower output.

Naturally, that's just one key point of comparison between Maserati and Audi, but we're confident that distinguished guests will find that on almost all fronts, anything Audi can do, a Maserati can do better.

Come see for yourself why drivers of discerning taste throughout the greater Atlanta area prefer Maserati

Now, even at a brief glance, it's clear to see that Maserati is a cut above its luxury competitors, but we'd love to give you so much more than just a brief glance here at Maserati of Atlanta. So, if you're interested in delving deep on what makes our new Maserati models so respected and celebrated, feel free to browse our in-depth model comparisons on this page, or drop in to our Atlanta area Maserati dealership to schedule a test drive today.